Case 1: Bavaros Site

Bavaros Site is located in the City of Fox Lake where the drinking water supply wells are located 600 feet northwest of the site. The site was heavily contaminated by drycleaning solvent PCE and its by-products of up to 4,500 mg/kg. It had been listed by the newspaper, Chicago Tribute, as the most dangerous site in Chicago area, which had got a lot of public and governmental attention.

Hydro Dynamics Corp (HDC) provided a complete solution to address soil and groundwater contamination for the site. The site investigation was conducted from 2005 through 2007 to meet requirements of IEPA, including sampling, monitoring, & modeling to completely understand charactoristics of the site.

After completion of invesigation, Hydro Dynamics Corp conducted a pressurized injection pilot studies to determine feasibility of remediation, using Regenesis chemical oxidation product, RegenOX, to determine the influence radius, chemical demands, and pressures, etc. necessary design parameters for remediation systems.

In July, 2009, HDC utilized a properiatory and patent-protected pilot test system, designed by HDC professionals, to study the feasibility of pressurised injection. A total of 2 injection wells and 15 observation wells were installed to monitor pressures, temperature, dissolved oxyen (DO), oxidation reduction potential (ORP) etc.

After obtaining neccsary information through pilot studies, Hydro Dynamics Corp cleaned up the site by implementing a combination of pressurized injection system, patented gravity feeding through chemical oxidant retention ponds (CORPs), and limited soil mixing/disposal with patented chemical oxidation products.

The remediation utilizing those patented technology and products was carried out from 2010 to 2011 with approximately 9,000 lbs of chemical oxidants and 200,000 gallions of solutions. The confirmation sampling clearly indicated the archievement of remediation goals. After IEPA's review, the site was declared to be risk-free and a certifcate was then issured by IEAP to close the site.

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